Brussels- The land of amazing waffles, beer and the land that discovered Godiva Chocolate!


  • You can get around to most places by foot but Uber is available as well.
  • Leave extra room if you want to bring home some amazing chocolates
  • No heels ladies- it’s all cobblestone here
  • you probably only need 3 days max here

Things to do:

  • Visit the first Godiva Store
  • Explore the Grand-Place de Bruxelas
  • Pictures in front of Palace Royale
  • Shop at the Galeries Royales Saint- Hubert
  • Pictures at Mont Des Arts

Eat, Drink, Repeat:

  • Maison Danboy: AMAZING WAFFLES.
  • Nuet Nigenough: great food and lots of beer options
  • Peck 47: breakfast
  • Leon: Mussels and fries for days
  • Moeder Lambic: get you some beer

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