When in Bangkok- EAT, SHOP, and PRAY! The food is amazing, the temples are beautiful, and the shopping really never ends. We loved our trip here and would definitely go back.

Must know:

– do not listen to the locals when they say a certain attraction/location is closed. For example: the palace is closed for a prayer. They tell you these things to sell you on a tuk tuk tour/ride. Then they will take u to these places that pressures you to buy things

– download the grab app. This is identical to Uber/Lyft. Cheap and easy way around town if you want to opt out of public transportation.

– when shopping- MBK is the biggest counterfeit mall in Southeast Asia. Bargain back when you get want a product- I suggest going in at 1/3 of the price asked.

– when visiting temples- make sure you have a wrap to cover your legs or shoulders( if you have a tank top) if you don’t have one- you can rent one.

– be careful in the red light district (pat pong) in Bangkok. They have lots of sex shows and will try to sell you on watching them. Then, we were told that they try to charge you more once you sit down.

– the air pollution can be pretty bad here! I suggest getting a mouth mask/ cover. Trust me- I was blowing dust on my tissue from my nose.

Where to stay:

I recommend the Siam Area or the bang Rak area. It’s by all of the touristy areas/shopping centers so it’s more convenient and safer than some areas.

Highly rated hotels in Siam area:

  • Lit Bangkok hotel
  • Hua Chang Heritage hotel
  • Amari watergate Bangkok
  • Novotel Bangkok
  • Glow pratunam
  • Akara hotel

Things to do:

  • Wat arun- beautiful temple! Take the ferry over to visit this temple!
  • The grand palace- get there super early- line gets long!
  • Sanam Luang
  • Mua Thai fights
  • PatPong- if you want to check out their red light district.
  • Wat Phra Chetuphon(wat pho)
  • Pak Khlong flower market
  • Visit some night markets
  • Wat samphran dragon temple
  • Amphawa floating market- busiest market- I think you have to book a tour. We didn’t have time for this but it is on the highly recommended list from others.


  • Chatuchak weekend market- biggest market for shopping and food
  • Central world- I loved this mall!!! Great place to eat in AC and shop. I think I went back 2-3 times.
  • MBK- largest counterfeit mall
  • Amulet market- coins, amulets, good luck charms

Where to eat:

To be honest- you can’t go wrong with food here. Plan a few places you really want to eat and then wing it! Start trying everything at the nigh markets and around town. Everything is super flavorful.

  • Ratchada Rot fai- loved this night market. MUST TRY The pork spine rib at this market. Sooo good.
  • Sampeng night market
  • Thipsamai: pad Thai!
  • Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai: fresh fried noodles
  • Mr Joe Crispy Pork– must order extra pork!
  • Haa Bao Thao– five sisters: just order what everyone else is getting- it’s so good!!!
  • After you: this is the best shave ice I’ve EVER had. Get the Thai tea one!
  • Cha Tra Mue: hands down the best Thai tea 🤤 why didn’t I buy any packets to bring home. Try the rose one too!
  • We went for food that we craved from other countries like:
  • Coco Curry:
  • Ding Tai fung:
  • Then enjoyed food in the food court of central world:
  • Staneemeehoi: it was so fun here! You have guys dressed in lingerie dancing and serving you seafood. They’ll even get together every 30 mins to dance!

Just to add- it was in a great night market as well. Great place to try other foods.


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