I travel about once a month and I often get ask: How do you plan your trip?

Search the location you want to pin and hit save:

Now I like to use hearts for where I want to go and star as my hotel. Please choose to your liking:

And there you have it! This technique will eliminate that spreadsheet of yours and also save you time! When I’m in a certain area, I would knock out as many “heart pins” as I can.

2. PINTEREST! This website has really help me plan out my trips, decor, life, etc.

You will find the most beautiful photos that will inspired your next trip. Don’t forget to save the pin on your map along the way!

3. INSTAGRAM! Ooo the gram has really allowed me to express my love for photography. I uploaded pictures for years on Facebook and MySpace but Instagram took it to another level! It’s also inspiring to see others do the same. I find so many destinations I want to visit coming across photos on insta. Don’t forget to check mine: l.n.daa

4. Search for the right credit card! I currently have the Southwest Card and the Chase Reserve. Needless to say, I pay with points when I travel!

The chase has a high yearly fee $450 plus $75 for an additional cardholder BUT you get:

  • one $300 yearly bill credit for any purchase made within a travel category (hotel, flight, car)
  • 3X The points with travel and dining purchases, a priority pass to some airport lounges
  • it also covers the purchase of 1 global entry or TSA ( I would get global entry since it includes TSA)
  • Travel insurance and more!
  • 100,000 points (after spending x in x months)- this promotion may still be valid.

So let’s just say it pays for itself!



London- the land of the double decker bus and the Buckingham Palace! We spent a total of 4 days and I wanted more time!


  • Purchase an oyster card to ride the subway and buses.
  • It’s pretty cheap to travel by train in Europe- I recommend going to another city/country
  • We stayed by Covent Garden and LOVED it!
  • Rent a bike and go around!

Things to do:

  • Visit the Buckingham Palace
  • Shop at the Covent Garden
  • Ride the Coca-Cola London Eye
  • Take a photo in front of Big Ben- This was the closest we got to the real thing since it was under construction LOL
  • Visit the world of M&Ms
  • Take a photo in a red phone booth
  • Photo at Tower Bridge- it’s so iconic, how can you not?
  • Visit the Tower of London
  • Scout out where Harry Potter was filmed
  • Shop at Harrod’s- the oldest department store still standing in London
  • Tour the British Musuem- so much history!
  • Visit the Markets: some are only open on a certain day:
    • Borough Market
    • Leadenhall Market
    • Brick Lane Market
    • Old Spitalfields Market

Eat, Drink, Repeat:

  • London has MANY cute cafe’s that are Instagram and tea time
    worthy :
    • Elan Cafe– There’s something about their avocado toast that still has me drooling

    • Aubaine
  • Peggy Porschen
    • Laduree
    • Sketch
    • Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea
    • Diamond Jubilee
    • Dominique Ansel
  • Dishoom: Must I say, Indian food in London should be on your list! I’m not much of a wait in line kind of girl but for this place, I would. The flavors were amazing!
  • Coppa Club: I checked their website everyday and was able to book 2 months in advance for a table in the Igloo. The food was amazing, the Irish Coffee is a must, and the view is gorgeous!
  • Dim Sum: there’s so many Dim Sum places in Chinatown but i will say, it doesn’t compare to Houston’s Dim Sum but if you’re having withdrawals- it’ll do
  • Tsujiri: omg get the sundae and eat it for me please
  • Cahoots: a friend of mine recommended this bar and I loved it! it’s underground and you walk into a train basically. The drinks are like the ones you find at tiki bars.
  • Venchi Chocolate and Gelato
  • Sky Garden: great view from up top- enjoy some drinks and food


Brussels- The land of amazing waffles, beer and the land that discovered Godiva Chocolate!


  • You can get around to most places by foot but Uber is available as well.
  • Leave extra room if you want to bring home some amazing chocolates
  • No heels ladies- it’s all cobblestone here
  • you probably only need 3 days max here

Things to do:

  • Visit the first Godiva Store
  • Explore the Grand-Place de Bruxelas
  • Pictures in front of Palace Royale
  • Shop at the Galeries Royales Saint- Hubert
  • Pictures at Mont Des Arts

Eat, Drink, Repeat:

  • Maison Danboy: AMAZING WAFFLES.
  • Nuet Nigenough: great food and lots of beer options
  • Peck 47: breakfast
  • Leon: Mussels and fries for days
  • Moeder Lambic: get you some beer