MY FAVORITE CITY IN JAPAN!!! Only because there’s literally AMAZING food EVERYWHERE so make sure you come to this city with an empty stomach.


  • if you’re coming from Tokyo and you would like to hit up other cities, I recommend purchasing the JR Rail Pass ($300 USD). We used this for our 1.5 weeks in Japan.
  • The JR Pass will allow you to go on almost all of the trains. Be sure to read because there’s some train lines where you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket.
  • AIRBNB was difficult when contacting the host because of the language barrier so i recommend staying in a hotel

Things to do:

  • EAT all the way down Dotonbori. With so many food stands, why not try them all?
  • Check out the Osaka Castle: if you go late March- mid April, you may see cherry Blossoms
  • Visit Kuromon Market for some fresh seafood
  • Visit the Instant Noodle Museum
  • Visit Universal Studios
  • Visit the Floating Garden Observatory
  • img_1690

Places to Eat:

  • Matsusakabeef M: MUST get the fruit sake flight- BEST-SAKE-EVERRRR! And of course get the Japanese BBQ ($600 for 5 people)
  • Ichiran: Yes, they have this ramen shop here too if you didn’t get to try it in Tokyo!
  • Tsurutontan Udon
  • Pablo: Delicious cheese tarts
  • 7 Eleven: I know what you’re thinking but it’s actually really good
  • Uncle Rikuro’s Cheesecake
  • Everything down Dotonbori


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