We took a short 2-3 day trip to Seattle and it was all the time we needed! Seattle is a short drive into Vancouver so that was one of the reasons why we visited but the other was to enjoy Starbucks and the seafood! July and August is the best time to visit but we got delayed for a month due to Hurricane Harvey. So my advice is to bring an umbrella or rain coat if you go any other month!

Where to stay:

We stayed as close as we could to the Pike Place Market! It was one of the places we wanted to revisit each day. Hotels are pretty small here and parking is around 20-30. You don’t necessarily need a car unless you’re planning to do day trips around Seattle.

What to do:

  • Visit the first Starbucks (near Pike Place Market)
  • Visit Starbucks Reserve
  • Visit the Gum Wall
  • Pike Place Market
  • Chihuly Garden – looks so pretty! Wish we had time to visit
  • Space Needle
  • Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Fremont Troll- go take that photo!
  • The Seattle Great Wheel
  • The Pier

Where to eat:

  • Pike Place Chowder – take my advice and get everything! LOL well I just love me some chowder.



If you were to ask me where I would visit again- I would have to say Vancouver/B.C as one of my choices. British Colombia is insanely beautiful and full of nature. When we started driving north of Vancouver- I felt as if the world stopped and took my breathe away. The fog laying on top of these beautiful tall standing trees and the winding roads along the waters- can you picture what I’m describing here? I seriously would take this view with the blue lakes over a beach in the south any day! So that leads me to how many days do I suggest? A MINIMUM of 3 days!!! There’s so much to do and see with a short drive outside of Vancouver. Go explore, ski, swim, hiking, and eat!

Where to stay:

I would suggest staying by Harbourfront or by BC Stadium. There’s some really nice hotels and you could find great deals sometimes. The only downside to Vancouver is if you have a car. Parking is over $40 at some hotels! They do have a great public transportation system but, we unfortunately did not experience it since we rented a car to drive out to explore Joffre Lakes and the Richmond area.

What to do:

  • Granville Island Public Market
  • Take a 2.5 hour trip to hike to Joffre Lakes. The hike is steep here and there but the view is totally worth it. I would do this again in a heartbeat. There’s a lower, middle, and upper lake- make sure you make it to the top!
  • Also on the way to Joffre Lakes is Brandywine Falls Provincial Park
  • And whistler- go skiing here in the winter!
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Stanley Park
  • Canada Place
  • Whytecliff Park
  • Point Atkinson/ Lighthouse Park
  • Sea to Sky Gondola – temp. closed
  • Hell’s Gate Airtram
  • Visit Chinatown
  • Visit Gastown- check out the clock!
  • Richmond Night Market: definitely save your stomach when this night market is around. Food is great but parking is not. I suggest ubering!

Where to eat:

  • OEB (Breakfast)
  • Jam Cafe (breakfast)
  • Medina Cafe (Breakfast/Brunch)
  • Catch 122 (Breakfast/Brunch)
  • Fanny Bay Oyster House
Geoduck- wow it was AMAZING and super fresh
Perfectly cooked mussels
  • Olive and Anchor
  • Shanghai River – get the dumplings!
  • Dinesty Dumpling House- more dumplings!
  • Rodney’s Oyster House
  • Phnom Penh (Vietnamese and Cambodian Fusion)
  • Steveston Pizza Company- if you want to be adventurous- get the $75 seafood pizza
  • Japadog
  • Fable (Canadian)
  • Robba da Matti (Italian)
  • Kissa Tanto (Japanese)
  • Landmark Hotpot House
  • The Dolar Shop (Hotpot)
  • Saku- Japanese Chicken
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Trafiq Cafe and Bakery (Dessert)
  • Nero Belgian Waffle Bar (Dessert)
  • Bake 49 (Dessert)
  • 3 Quarters Full Cake
  • Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe


When in Bangkok- EAT, SHOP, and PRAY! The food is amazing, the temples are beautiful, and the shopping really never ends. We loved our trip here and would definitely go back.

Must know:

– do not listen to the locals when they say a certain attraction/location is closed. For example: the palace is closed for a prayer. They tell you these things to sell you on a tuk tuk tour/ride. Then they will take u to these places that pressures you to buy things

– download the grab app. This is identical to Uber/Lyft. Cheap and easy way around town if you want to opt out of public transportation.

– when shopping- MBK is the biggest counterfeit mall in Southeast Asia. Bargain back when you get want a product- I suggest going in at 1/3 of the price asked.

– when visiting temples- make sure you have a wrap to cover your legs or shoulders( if you have a tank top) if you don’t have one- you can rent one.

– be careful in the red light district (pat pong) in Bangkok. They have lots of sex shows and will try to sell you on watching them. Then, we were told that they try to charge you more once you sit down.

– the air pollution can be pretty bad here! I suggest getting a mouth mask/ cover. Trust me- I was blowing dust on my tissue from my nose.

Where to stay:

I recommend the Siam Area or the bang Rak area. It’s by all of the touristy areas/shopping centers so it’s more convenient and safer than some areas.

Highly rated hotels in Siam area:

  • Lit Bangkok hotel
  • Hua Chang Heritage hotel
  • Amari watergate Bangkok
  • Novotel Bangkok
  • Glow pratunam
  • Akara hotel

Things to do:

  • Wat arun- beautiful temple! Take the ferry over to visit this temple!
  • The grand palace- get there super early- line gets long!
  • Sanam Luang
  • Mua Thai fights
  • PatPong- if you want to check out their red light district.
  • Wat Phra Chetuphon(wat pho)
  • Pak Khlong flower market
  • Visit some night markets
  • Wat samphran dragon temple
  • Amphawa floating market- busiest market- I think you have to book a tour. We didn’t have time for this but it is on the highly recommended list from others.


  • Chatuchak weekend market- biggest market for shopping and food
  • Central world- I loved this mall!!! Great place to eat in AC and shop. I think I went back 2-3 times.
  • MBK- largest counterfeit mall
  • Amulet market- coins, amulets, good luck charms

Where to eat:

To be honest- you can’t go wrong with food here. Plan a few places you really want to eat and then wing it! Start trying everything at the nigh markets and around town. Everything is super flavorful.

  • Ratchada Rot fai- loved this night market. MUST TRY The pork spine rib at this market. Sooo good.
  • Sampeng night market
  • Thipsamai: pad Thai!
  • Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai: fresh fried noodles
  • Mr Joe Crispy Pork– must order extra pork!
  • Haa Bao Thao– five sisters: just order what everyone else is getting- it’s so good!!!
  • After you: this is the best shave ice I’ve EVER had. Get the Thai tea one!
  • Cha Tra Mue: hands down the best Thai tea 🤤 why didn’t I buy any packets to bring home. Try the rose one too!
  • We went for food that we craved from other countries like:
  • Coco Curry:
  • Ding Tai fung:
  • Then enjoyed food in the food court of central world:
  • Staneemeehoi: it was so fun here! You have guys dressed in lingerie dancing and serving you seafood. They’ll even get together every 30 mins to dance!

Just to add- it was in a great night market as well. Great place to try other foods.


This is the type of town you would see on a postcard! It is absolutely beautiful and we were speechless once we arrived. A day is really all you need here but I suggest spending the night and waking up early to beat the crowd.

Things you must know:

  • Everything closes down around 6-7 so eat early and bring snacks if you get hungry at night
  • If you want a beautiful photo- go during sunrise. There is no crowd or large groups of tourist in the way
  • Hotels strictly have a check in time- no check in beforehand
  • In the wintertime- attractions like the 5 fingers close from December 4 till after the holidays. We unfortunately were there during this time.


  • Bus: if you arrive by bus- it’ll take u directly in the town
  • Train: the train will take you across the town and then you will need to take a ferry to get into the town
  • Car: the town is quite small so there is no parking. If you’re staying the night go to P1 parking:
  • It’s $14 euros for 1-3 days
  • Make sure you choose hotel parking and register with the attendant. From there, a shuttle will arrive to take you to your hotel with your luggage.

Places to see:

  • 5 fingers– closed for the holidays- make sure you look into this before you go. We were so disappointed but also know you will need to take a cable car up.
  • Salt mine
  • Hallstatt Skywalk – judging from photos it was beautiful. Sad we missed it
  • Classic village view point
  • Walk around the town- it’s beautiful!
  • Then if you have time- you MUST see this beautiful lake: Lake Gosausee. The Alps reflecting in the waters… so picturesque. This was probably my favorite view. I would have sat her for hours if I could’ve!


Where to stay:

  • Near the Chiang Mai Night Market
    • We stayed at Kate and Hasu
  • In the Nimmanhaemin area

Things to do:

  • Shopping at the night market
  • Grand Canyon Chiang Mai
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Make sure you book in advance for the Nature Elephant Park. We did not so we went to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary instead.
  • Bua Tong Waterfalls
  • Umbrella Making Center
  • Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline
  • Rent a bike!
  • Huay Tueng Thao Reservoir
  • Baby Tigers at Tiger Kingdom

Where to eat:

  • Eat at the night market
  • Dash
  • SP Chicken
  • Cheevit Cheeva
  • Chang Phuaek Pork Leg Rice
  • Snowbuff Coffee
  • Barneo Dessert Bar
  • Kanjana
  • One Street Food Market


Growing up, my family took many trips to Toronto since we lived Grand Rapids, Michigan and it wasn’t too bad of a drive (6 hrs). I remember the amazing Asian food and the beautiful scenery of Toronto. I knew I had to revisit and take Billy! Luckily we have friends that live in Toronto now and got some amazing recommendations- Thank you Grace and Huy!

Things to do:

  • Visit the Niagara Falls (~1.5 hours from Toronto):We visited the falls on the US and the Canada side- Canada side would have to be my favorite. While you’re there, take a boat tour to the falls on the Hornblower ($26 CAD). The tour was breathtaking, wet, but so fun!
  • We were on a tight schedule and weren’t able to stay as long as we hoped for but these were other things on our list:
  • Journey Behind the Falls
  • White Water Walk
  • Niagara’s Fury
  • Whirlpool Aero Car
  • Floral Showhouse
  • New York’s Niagara Falls Observation Deck
  • Enjoy a relaxing scroll around Harbour Square Park
  • Visit the Distillery Historic District
  • Layout at Woodbine Beach
  • Catch a beautiful glimpse of Lake Ontario at Scarborough Beach
  • Take some photos outside of Aga Khan Museum
  • Visit the CN Tower
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • The Rec Room Toronto

Eat Drink Repeat:

  • Fisherman Wharf Lobster Supper- home of the lobster tower! (~$400 USD)
  • Shinta- AYCE Wagyu BBQ (~$90 USD)
  • Royal Tea- Get your bear Brick Bottle for (~$2 USD)
  • Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine- Great Dim Sum
  • Crack De Creme
  • Menami- Mmm Udon
  • Onezo Tapioca- homemade tapioca balls( so many flavors)
  • Uncle Tetsu Japanese

Places we wanted to try and were recommended to us:

  • Strange Love Coffee
  • Ajisen Ramen
  • ICHA Tea
  • Eva’s Orginal Chimney’s
  • Sorelle and Co. Bakery
  • Konjiki Ramen
  • Daldongnae Korean BBQ
  • Millie Cafe
  • Platform Espresso Bar
  • Wooffles and Cream
  • Alcove Coffee
  • Janchenko Bakery

Overall, I will definitely come back to Toronto! There’s so much to see, do, and eat!


San Francisco, the city of cable cars and home of the Golden Gate Bridge! I’ve visited this city twice already and I still want to go back. Below are some tip and suggestions if you were to visit San Francisco!


  • Do not rent a car. There will be no place for you to park and it’ll cost you around $70 for Hotel Parking. San Francisco has plenty of ways you can get around: so rent a bike, ride the cable cars, take an Uber/Lyft.
  • The only time i would rent a car is to drive into napa and then return the car when you get back in San Francisco
  • When booking flights, look to see if Oakland is cheaper because it’s the same distance as SFO airport to get into the city.

Things to do, Places to see:

  • Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Hideout at Kirby’s Cove
  • Catch a view at Land’s End- you may even see whales!
  • Hang out at the Golden Gate Park
  • Take a photo at the Palace of Fine Arts
  • Eat and Stroll through Pier 39
  • Book in advance (90 days) to tour the Alcatraz Prison
  • Visit the 5 story mall: Westfield
  • Check out the Sutro Baths
  • Visit Point Bonita Lighthouse
  • Check out Lombard Street
  • Walk around Chinatown

Eat, Drink, Repeat:

  • Boba Guys: Matcha Strawberry is my fav there!
  • Steap: More boba!
  • Liholiho- they were booked up but i heard its worth the try
  • The Buena Vista: Must try their irish Coffee!
  • Scoma
  • Eat along Pier 39/Fisherman Wharf area
  • Boudin Bakery: check out how they make their sourdough breads and try the calm chowder!
  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse: Get ready to stand in line here! It’s the most instagrammable place but is it worth the wait? not really lol
  • House of Prime Rib: definitely make reservations in advance, i still haven’t got on the books to try it yet.


While alot of people visit Denver to go snowboarding and Skiing, I visit to enjoy a good hike! Below I listed some of my favorite spots- hope it helps your planning!


  • Colorado has the highest elevation than any other state. Therefore, drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness.
  • The Bus going up and down 16th street is free! Hop on once you get tired from shopping
  • Rent a car if you want to visit the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Springs
  • Bring snow shoes if you’re hiking in the Rockies at that time of the year

Places to go:

Rocky Mountains:

Dream Lake:

  • Emerald Lake,
  • Lake Isabella
  • Blue Lake
  • Calypso Cascades
  • Saint Malo Chapel on the Rock
  • Black Lake
  • Sky Pond
  • Bear Lake
  • Estes Park

  • Pikes Peaks (Near Colorado Springs)
  • Gardens of the God(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Red Rock Amplitheater
  • The Broadmoor Seven Falls: 200+ steps to get to the top or the falls(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Cheyenne Zoo(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Cave of the Winds Mountain Park(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Manitou Cliff Dwellings
  • Shop, stroll, or hop on the bus on 17th street. so much to see!
  • Beer Tours:
    • Coors
    • Great Divide Brewing Co
    • Wynkoop Brewing Co
    • Breckenridge Brewery
  • Rent an electric scooter in downtown to get around. Just download the app, scan and go!

Eat, Drink, Repeat:

  • Coffee Shops
    • The Molecule Effect
    • Little Owl Coffee
    • Thump Coffee
    • Crema Coffee House
    • Aviano Coffee
    • Sonder Coffee
The Molecule effect: Lavender Coffee
  • Food:
    • MUST GO TO ODYSSEY BISTRO AND GRILL!!! Order the Fisherman’s Platter- $40 BUT it can feed 3 people and it loaded with seafood. Also, we got it with the spicy red sauce- YUM!
    • Syrup: the kitchen sink is a heartattack waiting to happen but it was so good! Biscuits and gravy, with bacon, tator tots, and a fried egg.
    • Sassafras American Eatery: Breakfast Mac and Cheese was the bomb
    • The Denver Central Market: Food Hall
    • Stotic and Genuine
    • Moxie’s : Fresh Bread and pastries- o so good!


Labor Day weekend was amazing! We had 5 full days to enjoy a wonderful road trip from New Mexico to West Texas. For those that request my itinerary, please see below! I hope this helps 🙂

Day 1:

My husband and I are big fans of the show Breaking Bad! The first thing we did was visited Pollo Hermanos ( really called Twisters)! It was awesome to be where they shot a lot of the scenes!

After we ate (it was an ok place), we headed to KASHA-KATUWE TENT ROCKS NATIONAL MONUMENT (1 hr from Albuquerque)

$5 per person entry into park

The rock formations here were amazing! Make sure you take the slot canyon trail:

The hike took us about an hour(round trip). After a HOT hike, we got into the car for a 45 drive to MEOW WOLF located in Santa Fe, NM.

A worthy $25 general admission fee.

This place was artsy, surprisingly satisfying, and totally one for the gram! Each room has a hidden path to another room. It was like getting sucked into a portal almost!

Day 2:

We started off the morning with a cup of coffee at Prismatic Coffee. I got a delicious Cortado and a nutella stroopwaffel!

After a much needed caffeine boost, we headed to Old Town Albuquerque! The town was filled with so much culture. Every store had so much color, detail, and souvenirs!

If you get thirsty, don’t forget to stop by Old Barrel Tea Company for a sip! The raspberry green tea was so good…we came back for seconds.

Next stop, we drove towards Sky City Cultural Center! Let me just say, the drive there was BEAUTIFUL. We stop a couple times(OK many times) to take photos and to add some color to my photos with the backpack I brought at the Indian Arts Center.

Turns out the cultural center was closed and we got too tired to drive to El Malpais National Monument (which was another hour drive).

So we drove back into town and had dinner at El Cotorro in the Nob Hill area. Freshly made corn tortillas, a salsa bar, elote and OXTAIL tacos?!? Yes..A-MAZ-ING! Afterwards, we headed over to Scalo Northern to enjoy a bottle of wine and the live band!

Day 3:

The drive to West Texas! Wake up super early if you want to make these stops because the drive is LONG!

1st stop: Abo Ruins Salinas National Monument

Beware of rattlesnakes and stay on trails (basically the first sign you’ll see).

2nd Stop:Gran Quivira

this place looks amazing in photos but we sat in the car for 20 mins hoping, the thunderstorm would calm for us to run out and explore. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

3rd Stop: Mcginn’s Pistachio Land

O-M-G get some spicy ranch pistachios if you enjoy some heat! We probably spent an hour here trying all the different flavor of  pistachios, wine tasting (there is a hatch chile wine!), and taking a $2 tour!

4th Stop: White Sands National Monument

~$3 entry fee?

So beautiful and keep driving down for a couple of minutes to beat the crowd!

Day 4:

Good Morning Terlinqua, TX! Completed out first night glamping  at Basecamp Terlingua and boy was that interesting. The lamps in the tent drew the bugs in(yes there’s openings in the tent) so we turned that off pretty quickly. Then, the lights from our cell phones had the bugs hitting our faces, HAH, so definitely slept under the covers. Anywho, it was a gorgeous view in the morning and felt great breathing in the fresh air.

Drove 2 mins to get breakfast at La Posada Milagro. I got the mexican egg burrito, added bacon, with a triple shot espresso cappuccino! Mmm delightful.

Headed to Big Bed afterwards, to explore Santa Elena canyon but it was “rained out” due to the storm we encountered the night before. So we drove out to hike to the balance rock instead! Very easy hike, hour long round trip if even, and an awesome view when you climb up to the top.

Tried a couple of other places afterwards but not too much luck because the aftermath, but totally ok, because it’s just another excuse to come back.

Had an early dinner at Starlight Theater and MAN you must try their chili! Visited the gift shop next door then brought some beer and snacks for the rest of the night in our tent.

Note: The night sky is amazing. Make yourself a campfire, drink a beer, cuddle with someone, and enjoy the sunset!

Day 5:

Last day! We woke up early and made our way to my favorite store: Tiny Target (located in Altuda, TX)…where I found an amazing final sale item of course.

Then Headed to the famous Prada store! You do past by this place on the way to Marfa- it was too dark for a photo so I came back.

Driving back to Marfa, TX we did not have luck on our side because the Chinati Foundation was closed, Ballroom Marfa was closed, Bun N Roses was closed, and a couple of other places because it was a Monday but Hey! At least now you know?

Lastly, we drove into Midland, TX to fly home! Buy took a photo at the replica stone hedge before we flew out of course!