We took a short 2-3 day trip to Seattle and it was all the time we needed! Seattle is a short drive into Vancouver so that was one of the reasons why we visited but the other was to enjoy Starbucks and the seafood! July and August is the best time to visit but we got delayed for a month due to Hurricane Harvey. So my advice is to bring an umbrella or rain coat if you go any other month!

Where to stay:

We stayed as close as we could to the Pike Place Market! It was one of the places we wanted to revisit each day. Hotels are pretty small here and parking is around 20-30. You don’t necessarily need a car unless you’re planning to do day trips around Seattle.

What to do:

  • Visit the first Starbucks (near Pike Place Market)
  • Visit Starbucks Reserve
  • Visit the Gum Wall
  • Pike Place Market
  • Chihuly Garden – looks so pretty! Wish we had time to visit
  • Space Needle
  • Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Fremont Troll- go take that photo!
  • The Seattle Great Wheel
  • The Pier

Where to eat:

  • Pike Place Chowder – take my advice and get everything! LOL well I just love me some chowder.


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