Where to stay:

  • Near the Chiang Mai Night Market
    • We stayed at Kate and Hasu
  • In the Nimmanhaemin area

Things to do:

  • Shopping at the night market
  • Grand Canyon Chiang Mai
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Make sure you book in advance for the Nature Elephant Park. We did not so we went to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary instead.
  • Bua Tong Waterfalls
  • Umbrella Making Center
  • Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline
  • Rent a bike!
  • Huay Tueng Thao Reservoir
  • Baby Tigers at Tiger Kingdom

Where to eat:

  • Eat at the night market
  • Dash
  • SP Chicken
  • Cheevit Cheeva
  • Chang Phuaek Pork Leg Rice
  • Snowbuff Coffee
  • Barneo Dessert Bar
  • Kanjana
  • One Street Food Market

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