This is the type of town you would see on a postcard! It is absolutely beautiful and we were speechless once we arrived. A day is really all you need here but I suggest spending the night and waking up early to beat the crowd.

Things you must know:

  • Everything closes down around 6-7 so eat early and bring snacks if you get hungry at night
  • If you want a beautiful photo- go during sunrise. There is no crowd or large groups of tourist in the way
  • Hotels strictly have a check in time- no check in beforehand
  • In the wintertime- attractions like the 5 fingers close from December 4 till after the holidays. We unfortunately were there during this time.


  • Bus: if you arrive by bus- it’ll take u directly in the town
  • Train: the train will take you across the town and then you will need to take a ferry to get into the town
  • Car: the town is quite small so there is no parking. If you’re staying the night go to P1 parking:
  • It’s $14 euros for 1-3 days
  • Make sure you choose hotel parking and register with the attendant. From there, a shuttle will arrive to take you to your hotel with your luggage.

Places to see:

  • 5 fingers– closed for the holidays- make sure you look into this before you go. We were so disappointed but also know you will need to take a cable car up.
  • Salt mine
  • Hallstatt Skywalk – judging from photos it was beautiful. Sad we missed it
  • Classic village view point
  • Walk around the town- it’s beautiful!
  • Then if you have time- you MUST see this beautiful lake: Lake Gosausee. The Alps reflecting in the waters… so picturesque. This was probably my favorite view. I would have sat her for hours if I could’ve!


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