While alot of people visit Denver to go snowboarding and Skiing, I visit to enjoy a good hike! Below I listed some of my favorite spots- hope it helps your planning!


  • Colorado has the highest elevation than any other state. Therefore, drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness.
  • The Bus going up and down 16th street is free! Hop on once you get tired from shopping
  • Rent a car if you want to visit the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Springs
  • Bring snow shoes if you’re hiking in the Rockies at that time of the year

Places to go:

Rocky Mountains:

Dream Lake:

  • Emerald Lake,
  • Lake Isabella
  • Blue Lake
  • Calypso Cascades
  • Saint Malo Chapel on the Rock
  • Black Lake
  • Sky Pond
  • Bear Lake
  • Estes Park

  • Pikes Peaks (Near Colorado Springs)
  • Gardens of the God(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Red Rock Amplitheater
  • The Broadmoor Seven Falls: 200+ steps to get to the top or the falls(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Cheyenne Zoo(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Cave of the Winds Mountain Park(Near Colorado Springs)
  • Manitou Cliff Dwellings
  • Shop, stroll, or hop on the bus on 17th street. so much to see!
  • Beer Tours:
    • Coors
    • Great Divide Brewing Co
    • Wynkoop Brewing Co
    • Breckenridge Brewery
  • Rent an electric scooter in downtown to get around. Just download the app, scan and go!

Eat, Drink, Repeat:

  • Coffee Shops
    • The Molecule Effect
    • Little Owl Coffee
    • Thump Coffee
    • Crema Coffee House
    • Aviano Coffee
    • Sonder Coffee
The Molecule effect: Lavender Coffee
  • Food:
    • MUST GO TO ODYSSEY BISTRO AND GRILL!!! Order the Fisherman’s Platter- $40 BUT it can feed 3 people and it loaded with seafood. Also, we got it with the spicy red sauce- YUM!
    • Syrup: the kitchen sink is a heartattack waiting to happen but it was so good! Biscuits and gravy, with bacon, tator tots, and a fried egg.
    • Sassafras American Eatery: Breakfast Mac and Cheese was the bomb
    • The Denver Central Market: Food Hall
    • Stotic and Genuine
    • Moxie’s : Fresh Bread and pastries- o so good!


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