Labor Day weekend was amazing! We had 5 full days to enjoy a wonderful road trip from New Mexico to West Texas. For those that request my itinerary, please see below! I hope this helps 🙂

Day 1:

My husband and I are big fans of the show Breaking Bad! The first thing we did was visited Pollo Hermanos ( really called Twisters)! It was awesome to be where they shot a lot of the scenes!

After we ate (it was an ok place), we headed to KASHA-KATUWE TENT ROCKS NATIONAL MONUMENT (1 hr from Albuquerque)

$5 per person entry into park

The rock formations here were amazing! Make sure you take the slot canyon trail:

The hike took us about an hour(round trip). After a HOT hike, we got into the car for a 45 drive to MEOW WOLF located in Santa Fe, NM.

A worthy $25 general admission fee.

This place was artsy, surprisingly satisfying, and totally one for the gram! Each room has a hidden path to another room. It was like getting sucked into a portal almost!

Day 2:

We started off the morning with a cup of coffee at Prismatic Coffee. I got a delicious Cortado and a nutella stroopwaffel!

After a much needed caffeine boost, we headed to Old Town Albuquerque! The town was filled with so much culture. Every store had so much color, detail, and souvenirs!

If you get thirsty, don’t forget to stop by Old Barrel Tea Company for a sip! The raspberry green tea was so good…we came back for seconds.

Next stop, we drove towards Sky City Cultural Center! Let me just say, the drive there was BEAUTIFUL. We stop a couple times(OK many times) to take photos and to add some color to my photos with the backpack I brought at the Indian Arts Center.

Turns out the cultural center was closed and we got too tired to drive to El Malpais National Monument (which was another hour drive).

So we drove back into town and had dinner at El Cotorro in the Nob Hill area. Freshly made corn tortillas, a salsa bar, elote and OXTAIL tacos?!? Yes..A-MAZ-ING! Afterwards, we headed over to Scalo Northern to enjoy a bottle of wine and the live band!

Day 3:

The drive to West Texas! Wake up super early if you want to make these stops because the drive is LONG!

1st stop: Abo Ruins Salinas National Monument

Beware of rattlesnakes and stay on trails (basically the first sign you’ll see).

2nd Stop:Gran Quivira

this place looks amazing in photos but we sat in the car for 20 mins hoping, the thunderstorm would calm for us to run out and explore. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

3rd Stop: Mcginn’s Pistachio Land

O-M-G get some spicy ranch pistachios if you enjoy some heat! We probably spent an hour here trying all the different flavor of  pistachios, wine tasting (there is a hatch chile wine!), and taking a $2 tour!

4th Stop: White Sands National Monument

~$3 entry fee?

So beautiful and keep driving down for a couple of minutes to beat the crowd!

Day 4:

Good Morning Terlinqua, TX! Completed out first night glamping  at Basecamp Terlingua and boy was that interesting. The lamps in the tent drew the bugs in(yes there’s openings in the tent) so we turned that off pretty quickly. Then, the lights from our cell phones had the bugs hitting our faces, HAH, so definitely slept under the covers. Anywho, it was a gorgeous view in the morning and felt great breathing in the fresh air.

Drove 2 mins to get breakfast at La Posada Milagro. I got the mexican egg burrito, added bacon, with a triple shot espresso cappuccino! Mmm delightful.

Headed to Big Bed afterwards, to explore Santa Elena canyon but it was “rained out” due to the storm we encountered the night before. So we drove out to hike to the balance rock instead! Very easy hike, hour long round trip if even, and an awesome view when you climb up to the top.

Tried a couple of other places afterwards but not too much luck because the aftermath, but totally ok, because it’s just another excuse to come back.

Had an early dinner at Starlight Theater and MAN you must try their chili! Visited the gift shop next door then brought some beer and snacks for the rest of the night in our tent.

Note: The night sky is amazing. Make yourself a campfire, drink a beer, cuddle with someone, and enjoy the sunset!

Day 5:

Last day! We woke up early and made our way to my favorite store: Tiny Target (located in Altuda, TX)…where I found an amazing final sale item of course.

Then Headed to the famous Prada store! You do past by this place on the way to Marfa- it was too dark for a photo so I came back.

Driving back to Marfa, TX we did not have luck on our side because the Chinati Foundation was closed, Ballroom Marfa was closed, Bun N Roses was closed, and a couple of other places because it was a Monday but Hey! At least now you know?

Lastly, we drove into Midland, TX to fly home! Buy took a photo at the replica stone hedge before we flew out of course!


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